Hear God Speak

A Spiritual Practice

The public reading of Scripture helps you remember:

Who God is
Who you are
Who we are called to be
Devote yourself to
the public reading of scripture…Apostle Paul, I Timothy 4:13


The public reading of Scripture is a spiritual practice in which a group listens to Scripture being read aloud.

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Listen in a group
Get into a rhythm for best results
Read whole chapters or books at one time


Listening to Scripture is a timeless practice—people from Moses to Jesus built it into their lives. It invites us to pause, tune out distractions, and humbly hear God’s voice.

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Discover how easy it is to facilitate your own gathering. Get step-by-step guidelines, flexible reading plans, and tips for best practices.

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Audio Bible

A dramatized audio Bible brings God’s Word to life with sound effects, music, and high-quality performances. All you have to do is press play!
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