Kevin Palau Luis Palau Association

What has been your
experience with PRS?

A friend invited me to my first PRS live session in New York City. I was working on the biggest, most challenging festivals at the time. I came in skeptically wondering why my friend is so wildly enthusiastic? I love God and love His word. So, therefore, I thought my daily study and devotional were adequate. So why do I need to do listen to a recording for an hour?

What have you learned?

I learned that there is a difference between spending an uninterrupted hour hearing from God directly through his word and a ten-minute Bible study and devotional.

Have you had an “a-ha” moment?

I genuinely love God’s word, but I found myself reading the same passages over and over. As I got into PRS and heard massive chunks, I discovered that I was eating the ‘desserts’ I liked. PRS forced me into a much more balanced diet of God’s word. It challenged me, and I grew personally.

How has PRS benefited you, your organization, and others?

PRS has been a huge blessing to the Palau organization and me. God’s word and the witness of the church reveal who Jesus is. Jesus Christ has changed us; we love God’s word and evangelism.

We reformatted our weekly staff chapels from a speaker and devotional to three PRS and one speaker chapel each month. Some staff and I also attend one PRS Zoom a week.

To bring PRS to Palau’s network of thousands of churches in Latin America, we worked with The Grace and Mercy Foundation to develop and produce the Spanish Audio Drama Bible

(Spanish ADB). The recording has some of Latin America’s most prominent actors and took over two years to complete. As a result, 120,000 Spanish ADB downloads have brought God’s word into many people’s lives.

We incorporate the Spanish ADB into all we do in Latin America. For example, thousands of radio stations there feature fifteen-minute PRS programs.

Through the Luis Palau Bible Institute, we share the benefits of our PRS experience with 50,000 pastors and hundreds of evangelists. We encourage them to implement PRS themselves and offer instruction on how to form a PRS group.

*Kevin Palau

Kevin is President and CEO of the Luis Palau Association. Kevin joined LPA in 1985 and began directing the day-to-day operation of the ministry in the late 1990s. Under his leadership, LPA has united tens of thousands of churches in hundreds of cities to love and serve their communities and clearly share the Good News of Jesus. During Kevin’s time at LPA he has also helped develop a global network of hundreds of partner evangelists.Kevin helps lead TogetherPDX, a sustainable, united movement of churches in Portland, Oregon. His book, Unlikely: Setting Aside Our Differences to Live Out the Gospel describes the ongoing impact of the movement.Kevin lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife, Michelle, and enjoys serving on the boards of Alpha USA, Christians Against Poverty, and Transforming the Bay with Christ.