How to Start a Gathering

Set Up

  1. Identify a committed group of people (3 or more) and determine your meeting location and frequency (2–4 times a month).
  2. Choose a reading plan (for 20 minutes or more each time) and a dramatized audio Bible that can be played on your mobile device or computer.
  3. Provide print copies of the Bible in the same translation as the audio Bible so participants can read along.
  4. Agree on a facilitator for the session. (Tip: Having a rotation of facilitators gives everyone an opportunity to lead.)

Facilitator’s Role

  1. Welcome everyone, then briefly introduce the Old Testament passage for 1–2 minutes.
    [e.g. “Today, we will be listening to (insert Scripture reference). For context, (refer to Scripture introductions in the guidebook). Now, we will open with praying a Psalm.”]
  2. Play a Psalm as an opening prayer, followed by the Old Testament selection.
  3. Invite participants to pause for a minute of silent reflection. Then briefly introduce the New Testament passage.
  4. Play the New Testament section, then invite participants to pause for a minute of silent reflection.
  5. Play a Psalm as a closing prayer.
  6. Share and discuss reflections from the passages. [Optional]
  7. Thank participants for coming, and encourage them to invite friends and return the next time. [Sample Closing Script]

Bible Reading Plans

These Public Reading of Scripture reading plans guide you through the whole Bible. Each session includes Psalms and readings from both the Old Testament and New Testament. Choose the plan that’s best for your group’s schedule.

Introductions to Books of the Bible